Swapping a 4cyl. EEC for a V8 one - FB1 -> DA1

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Swapping a 4cyl. EEC for a V8 one - FB1 -> DA1

Unread postby mustangdriver » Thu May 16, 2019 2:00 pm

Hi Folks,
I signed up here because I want to report on the conversion and maybe need support.
Have a crazy idea :idea: years ago the user "vristang" already made in a similar way.

On the engine, I have changed the following: exhaust header, 2 1/4" exhaust pipe, ´05er muffler, cylinder head milled, compression 10.2: 1, ported ports, roller camshaft, new valves, intake manifold ported, resonator removed.

I have 3 EECIV - FB1, FC1, 8CB. They all work, but the programming has not been done very well by Ford.
Also, there is no definition file for it (I've tried to create one)
Now I have bought an EEC "DC" for $ 44.50 on ebay. Will be soon in good old germany.

I don´t want to MAF or EDIS stuff .... but just program my wishes for a proper engine run.

I have a definitionfile LUX0 from the Tunerpro website. I have already extended this, will post the changes here.
Furthermore, I have the binfiles DA1, DB1, DC, DE. I'm working with Tunerpro. What is unknown in the definitions file I change to byte level and look at the result with Caledit. There is still a lot to do :o
I have created schematics to see which pins are needed.

Very important: My injectors have 16ohms! (14lbs/hr) high impedance, no change :mrgreen:

Now my question:
Which pins will be plugged in for the 4 cylinder controls on the 8cyl computer? E.G. injectors 1-4 not 5-8...or injector outputs 1,3,5,7 but I am a bit confused on all of this at the moment. I would assign the each cylinders to their respective injector output port mapping, and run it like that? :?: Firing order of the engine is 1342 :lol:

So - apologize in advance for the long newbie post. Thanks for all input.
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