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2006 S281 Saleen Extreme - Custom Tuning

Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:39 am
by decipha
So I have a customers (friend of a friends) 2006 Saleen Extreme S281 I've been daily driving for the past week. Little background on the vehicle, about 3-1/2 years ago the owner blew the engine in it, after figuring out what he wanted to do he eventually brought it to us to get a new engine. My machine shop built the engine (R&D) and my speed shop (O&E) did the mechanic work. The car was attempted to be tuned about 2 years ago but had some issues and never got running and has sat since then just awaiting someone to give it love and affection. We recently figured out the lower crank reluctor sprocket had about 0.025" of movement in it throwing timing around significantly and some little odd and ends here and there. So about 3 months ago I said I'll give it a stab, found it had a bad throttle body, tossed a stocker on it and she cranked and stalled. No surprise with the stock 06 mustang gt tune and ecu in it. So back then I half assed the maf and got it running but she wanted a shit ton of dashpot, she was temperamental so I got it good enough where it can move around the shop and figured we could toss her on the dyno and see whats up with her when time permits. So about 2 1/2 months ago we tossed her up on the dyno and made some pulls to 4k, got most of the bugs worked out but she still wanted a shit ton of dashpot as she still does. Anywho, my only free day was Christmas so I figured I'd work out the tune and now just about have it squared away, as always a mix of mechanical issues causing tuning problems. Its pretty interesting how much Saleen messed with these vehicles. Its basically a stock 'Custom Modified' mustang in a sense. Its been real not fun trying to figure out what all Saleen has done to this vehicle and I can't get any details on it so this is what I've figured out.

The maf is MASSIVE, its an eec-v type that saleen rigged the older connector in these cars to use. Its range is UNBELIEVABLE, I mean its up there in hpx-e slot territory and as well it should be, come to find out they are made by PMAS. The maf flows about 4x that of a stock 05 slot maf does. Took quite a bit of guessing with the maf to even get the car to fire up, total pain in the ass just to even get it started.

The ECU in the vehicle was thought to be damaged and sent off to get a factory flash a few years back. Thus the "stock" saleen tune is long gone, it was sent off without telling nor asking me thus I couldn't copy out the stock saleen tune. Hence the fun tuning it, I had to assume a few things and others were obvious but for anyone tuning one of these here are a few pointers or things I've figured out. Also, I'll be tossing the saleen extreme maf curve up on the homepage once I get some 80lb injectors in it and can turn it up to verify the top end. If anyone wants the tune file I can send over the binary too no problem.

1> came stock with a 4.10 rear end, although some saleens list 3.73 and 3.55, this one has a 4.10 sticker on the rear dif cover
2> trans is a GTO spec t56, had to change the gear ratios in the ecu and the oss appears to be a very odd 15 tooth count, at least that's what it took to get it to read accurate with all accurate info in the ecu
3> stock 20" wheels and nt555r tires came out to 800 rev / mile
4> imrc removed by saleen for their blower/intake combo
some other pointers on this car that may not apply to an all stock saleen
> 9:1 static compression on newly built engine, stock 3v is 9.8:1 for reference
> frpp 3v ported heads which are 50cc stock is 49.7
> comp cam stg 3 blower cam, 8 in vac at 1k rpm idle
> cam phaser lock outs due to cam
> dual large pumps, apparently he swapped out the dual gt supercar stock pumps for some odd reason, at idle the pump voltage is only 4.3 volts :o has dual 465s in it

tuning comments
the engine doesn't like much timing at all, having ported frpp heads I would expect it not to but it really doesn't like timing, at 2500 rpm 0 vac / 0 boost she only wants about 21 deg of timing which is incredibly low this is just my feedback from playing with it on the street daily driving it

the amount of dashpot this thing wants is astronomical its in big block territory, I take it, its most likely due to the cam but sum bitch this thing is sucking down 1,000% more air than a stock 3v mustang would during decel to prevent it from conking out

the blower discharge temps were getting pretty hotttt, I seen 170 deg acts on a mid 40s day without beating on it, upon my assumption the bypass wasn't opening I was correct, good thing I caught it as it probably would have hurt the blower in due time had I not, discharge temps are now in line with the bypass forced open, i need to look into a low vac diaphragm

as with any boosted car the ambient temp calculation is off so the max delta offset had to be kicked up to compensate, no biggie tho for good measure i disabled updates

I scaled the maf and injectors in half to keep it under the 64 lb/min (1750 kg/hr) maf clip limit but it may still not be enough on the top end, time will tell when the new injectors go in and I can run it out

would be interesting to see what saleen had in there as a 'stock' tune, if I come across an unmodified 06 saleen extreme I'll definitely plug in and read it out to see what all saleen did with it

car review
as for the car itself it sure does get a lot of looks, I can't go anywhere without someone giving me a thumbs up or trying to race me or the hunnies staring me down, a few things I dislike about the car is the shifter, the shifter is sloppy as hell and with only 30k miles on the car it whines in 4th gear. The door panel inserts are rinky dink and disbonded same as a stock mustang would do but you'd figure saleen would step up here. The lower chin lip diffuser is pretty damn low to the ground, not ideal for a daily driven vehicle in new Orleans. The drive train is all original saleen and appears to have quite a bit of slop in it, with it in gear I can roll the car backwards and forwards a whole 2 inches. You can definitely feel it trailer hitching while driving coming in and out of the throttle. The supercharger bypass actuator was broken with only 30k miles on the car. That's pretty crappy and seems to be a common occurrence from a quick google search. Only other real complaint with this vehicle is the exhaust is too damn loud. AFAIK it has stock saleen exhaust on it with the cats removed. Its so loud that I cannot let it idle at night without waking some one up, completely obnoxious.

Other than that the car is pretty nice, I don't know about the $44k the owner paid for it but I definitely think its a very distinguishable vehicle.

hope this helps someone, i'll post more info as it comes turn up time

Re: 2006 S281 Saleen Extreme - Custom Tuning

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:40 am
by decipha
finally got to swap some 80s in it and make a few pulls, results were as expected

so far,

464rwhp @ 6k 10lbs
419rwtq @ 2900 11.5 lbs

problem is the blower is done at 2900 rpm, at 4k it makes peak boost of 12lbs and falls off rapidly after that, the little saleen series iv lysholm blower is absolutely garbage

as for the tuning details, if your curious to know heres the break down

the first 4 pulls were made with the bypass open, she made a max of 4lbs of boost at 6k, ACT pretty constant at 108 deg
max power @ 6000 rpm
peak torque @ 4650 rpm
323 hp @ 17 deg / 6k rpm 73 load @ .76 lambda
321 tq @ 20.5 deg / 4650 rpm 65 load @ .78 lambda
350 hp @ 20.5 deg 6k / 0.82
316 tq @ 17 deg 4650 / 0.82
360 hp @ 23.5 deg
323 tq @ 18 deg
353 hp @ 21 deg
323 tq @ 18 deg

Thus, 20.5 deg at 6k w/ 4lbs was all she wanted, peak tq at 4650 @ 18 deg

Then I made 4 pulls with the bypass closed to see what she would do, details as follows:
these were all at .78 lambda
393 hp @ 6k 10lbs 8.5 deg / 95 load
419 tq @ 2900 rpm 11.5 lbs 9.5 deg / 85 load
^^note the rpm that peak tq is occuring at now
436 hp @ 6k - 11.5 deg
408 tq @ 3k - 7 deg
455 hp @ 6k - 13.5 deg & 464rwhp @ 6300 14 deg w/ 138 ACTs
408 tq @ 3k - 7 deg
all above pulls made in 3rd gear 85 mph max

last pull in 4th - 6300 rpm 130 mph or so
I let it cool down for 30 min but wasn't enough I had the ACTs setup to yank the timing down not thinking it was gonna get this hot
463 hp 6k 11.5 deg w/ 145 ACTs
419 tq @3k 7 deg

^^ same as pull-6 basically, 6% more power in 4th than 3rd

it was hot and getting late so i didn't bother to make any more pulls on her, i figure with 15 deg in 4th she should put down 500-530 or so, i'll post back when i put a bigger pulley on it to slow it down, prob be a while

Re: 2006 S281 Saleen Extreme - Custom Tuning

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:32 am
by Pappacosworth
interesting reading. Do you use some procedure to adjust timing during pulls like adder or multiplier, or do you adjust hole map. It would nice to know if we can save time in dyno. If I make different pulls with adder, I later combine the best results according to logs and graphs after dyno to make curve smoother.

Re: 2006 S281 Saleen Extreme - Custom Tuning

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:16 am
by decipha
i just go to the spark table and plug in the spark i want in the cell i want it in, it literally only takes a fraction of a second