Review: Decipha's Mechanical Idle mod

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Review: Decipha's Mechanical Idle mod

Unread postby fox bodies rule » Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:23 pm

If you have an unmanageable idle due to a big cam -listen up E cam guys- make financial arrangements with Decipha to get your tune fixed up with his Mechanical Idle mod. Please note: if you have mechanical issues this won't fix them, fix the vacuum leaks, trouble codes etc. first. Now I have been fighting a lopey idle that would actually "learn" to hunt at idle. Mike and I have been working this off and on for at least three years now (I was the delay due to neighbors, weather and having to get it up to temp every time there was a change) and did all of the common "fixes" like locked advance at idle, going OL all the time, OL at idle only and everything else under the sun. We got it to idle pretty decent but it was still a crap shoot as the slightest little thing would send it back off the deep end and the EEC was pretty much out of the idle loop at this point, only thing active was dashpot. I was apprehensive at first about the MI mod because nothing had worked before but I cleared the KAM's, loaded in the tune and fired her up. The idle was well behaved from the get go, none of this hunting crap until the EEC figured itself out and needing to be at full operating temp to start the "learning" process-I just backed out of the garage and drove away. The ONLY thing you have to dial in is the TB stop screw to bring IPSIBR down to <.05 after she warms up. Of all the stuff Mike has done for us EEC-IV users this is the best yet IMHO, I give it 5 stars ... can't recommend it highly enough! :D
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Re: Review: Decipha's Mechanical Idle mod

Unread postby decipha » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:15 pm

glad it worked out for you, always good to hear that things are going positively
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Re: Review: Decipha's Mechanical Idle mod

Unread postby Shaker666 » Sat May 10, 2014 4:22 pm

Sounds like what I need to do as well. I'm using a a Comp Cams 284 Magnum hydraulic roller retrofit cam. Specs at 0.006" are 284/284 @ 0.533"/0.533", with 110 LSA and 224/224 @ 0.050". I'm running 1.7 ratio rockers, so lift is actually 0.566" I think the cam is similar to the Motorsport E303 cam.

I'm stuck in dashpot all the time... not really sure how to even begin tuning it. I've read the Idle Air 101, but I still don't really have a grasp on what the exact sequence of procedures are to get it sorted out.
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