best tuner - 2001 harley F-150 5.4L tune review

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best tuner - 2001 harley F-150 5.4L tune review

Unread postby decipha » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:03 pm

I know this sounds a little full of myself but hear me out first, yesterday I did some routine maintenance on my truck, oil change and such, I got a wideband the other day for it so figured Id toss it in while I was under her and at it to check things out, and to also verify the tune too, the truck has 203k miles with the factory dated 2001 o2 sensors which dont really work too well needless to say they are pretty lazy and absolutely useless, come to find out they were switching around .91 lambda as verified by the aem wideband

In any case, the truck came stock with an mqah1 strategy crg3 catch code stock cal for the 5.4 and 4r100, when i swapped in the 4r70w i copied over my pats maf and injector info over to a ptp2 fbfg2 cal I quickly made a few background changes and wrote it to the ecu back in march and pretty much forgot about it, then i swapped my info over to an sym2 cal a few weeks back to get the knock sensor working

the truck didnt have a wideband or functioning o2s so i pretty much dialed in transients by feel and trial and error, that was the main purpose in the wideband really was to verify transients and just give it a good look over

not to mention my stock oem 2001 fuel pump died last week, I was having some intermittent fuel drop issues due to that as well before that i thought may have been causing me to chase my tail tuning wise

In any case, Ive been checking over the tune the past couple days and its perfectly spot on with only a few minor adjustments, I have transients simplified down and dialed in by feel, its significantly different than the stock tune and when i swapped from the ptp2 to sym2 i had to redial it in since my other transient profile didnt respond the same

I know it may sound a bit arrogant to be full of one self but for the significant changes Ive had to make to the tune just to make it driveable im pretty impressed being significantly different than the original cal and by how close it is

I know that doesn't sound like much being a basically stock setup and everyone pretty much assumes a tuning guru like me would have a solid tune on their personal vehicles but im not one to tinker on my own vehicles tuning wise, I suppose im more like the mechanic that works on everyone elses vehicles but only works on their own when they absolutely have to

In any case im really impressed with where shes at, shes runs perfectly flawless she pulls really well for what she is and the trans shifting is perfect, it runs exactly how I want it to which is pretty impressive since i am my own worst critic

Anyway I just thought I'd share
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