New Superlogger Code

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New Superlogger Code

Unread postby decipha » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:06 am

at the beginning of this year I was by craigs house going over the superlogger and tossing around some ideas

he and i both wanted to pipe the superlogger inputs into the ecu so i can write some code to have it act upon those inputs, he came up with the idea of having the superlogger keep a rom value hot with live data from the SL inputs, i agreed it was a great idea and we left it at that

the only problem is that address is going to change with each strategy, that came about a second problem which i figured would be easily remedied by just having the beginning of the universal adx list spit out the start address of an injection point

well going over the logging i was just reworking for the older speed density setups it hit me, an even better idea, instead of obfuscating the logging list with garbled otherwise seemingly useless data, i can simply put it at the beginning of the list and omit it from polling which was my original intent, however, when i revamped the shadowing address a few months back i left a long from the ford console code and shadowing addresses just incase something referenced it and tht value just so happened to be what it was looking for it wouldn't try to execute the console, well a few months ago i offset the first byte in the non superlogger adx so i could maintain only 1 adx and have the superlogger logs able to be played in the non superlogger adx, by doing so i was able to make the superlogger and non superlogger adx one file just by simply changing the qh config

well my foresight just so happened to have proved to be right on par again as of now im going to be inputting that rom address injection point for the superlogger to keep "hot" in that unused rom address.

so what does this mean? it means the closed loop wideband code is going to be exclusive to the superlogger only
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