We offer cleaning, machining, rebuilding, and tuning services. Authorized dealers for holley, blp, edelbrock, etc...

Custom Tuning

Make no mistake about it, tuning is the most important aspect of any engine combination. Any dummy with a set of wrenches, sockets, and a little know-how can put an engine together, bolt a carb on it and say "done." The engine will run and depending on the carb setup it may even run decent, but without actually dialing in the carb and properly tuning the engine, you may be doing more harm to the engine than your aware.

With fuel injection ever increasing in popularity in the hot rod scene, its getting much more difficult to find a knowledgeable and reputable carburetor tuner in the New Orleans area. Since 1957, we have strived to meet your carburetor tuning needs, from the stock daily driver to the all out turbo nitrous drag engine, we have the experience and knowledge to get you and your engine situated.

Our primary goal at R&D is to arm the hot rod enthusiast with as much power and torque as safely reasonable. We don't just stop at custom carburetor tuning, we offer rebuilding, cleaning, machining, and custom modifications as well. Due to the various carburetor applications and the variations in which will directly effect performance and fuel economy, we highly recommend either calling or stopping by for further consultation. Carb tuning typically starts as low as only $200, prices vary based on metering blocks, jets, diagnostics, etc..

R&D is an authorized dealer for BLP. We get deeeep discounts with BLP and in return pass those savings on to you. We don't discriminate on prices, if you can purchase parts elsewhere at a better price, we have no problem with you doing so. In this economy it pays to shop around, just remember, CHEAP, FAST, RELIABLE, pick 2.

Tuner: Roger Hall

"R"oger Hall, our lead carburetor tuner, has over 40 years of carb tuning experience and has tuned thousands of vehicles as well as aircraft over the years. From mild to wild, from the streets to the skies, you name it and he's probably tuned it.


If your in the market for a carburetor, stop by or give us a shout, we can discuss your goals and engine build to custom design a carburetor that will be most applicable to your specific needs.

Cleaning and Rebuilding

If you have a carburetor that hasn't been properly cleaned or maintained, or even if you've ran some bad gas, we can get you back on the road. Call or stop by for pricing on carb cleaning and rebuilding.

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