Whats so important about a bearing? Its just a half mooned machined cup that sits in either the main journal or the rod journal and allows the crank or rod to spin... so what, big deal? Uhhh NO Daniel son, bearings really are a big deal and are often overlooked. Bearings are very important to an engines health and are vital for proper engine lubrication. Bearings are machined to exact tolerances to allow minimal friction, minimal wear, high lubrication, and minimal vibrations. Bearings are often rarely considered 'that important' to many engine builders. However, a good bearing can greatly reduce and prevent many problems that may arise before hand. At R&D our motto is to 'do it right the first time.' If your building a high performance engine thats going to see lots of high loads, high revs, or track time, you could bet your ass your going to be demanding alot more of a bearing than a stock oem bearing is capable of delivering. Do yourself and your engine a favor and give her what she needs. We carry bearings in many sizes for almost every application. Contact us for more details. 504-305-3203


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