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R&D Speed Shop
1317 Carroll St.
Kenner, LA 70062

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What is R&D Speed Shop ?

R&D Speed Shop is a dedicated Engine Machine Shop located in the Greater New Orleans Kenner area. Since 1957, we have acquired a notorious track record that speaks for itself. From building 6 second drag strip dominators for the all out racer, to factory spec rebuilds for the local Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota-Lexus, or Cadillac dealerships, we have the knowledge and hands on experience to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves in the value of being a true SPEC shop, which means we build your engine the way you want to meet your specifications, to ultimately provide you with the most appropriate engine to reach your specific goals. Our motto is that "EVERY ENGINE IS DIFFERENT" and by applying this motto to every build, we continue to be a true SPEC shop. This mentality coupled with our many satisfied customers, has enabled R&D to be one of the most highly regarded Engine Machine Shops around. This comes to no surprised since the majority of our business is from recommendations. As always customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Who is R&D ?

R&D, initials of Roger Hall and Donnie Woolley, the two gearheads who put their minds, money, time, and signatures together to open up a one stop high performance machine shop, in hopes of fulfilling the void they both shared for the passion of motorsports. Roger Hall, a retired aeronautics engineer, incorporates his years as an aircraft designer into the fundamentals by which he designs and builds high performance engines. Donnie Woolley, with out a doubt, one of the most precise machinist in the USA, brings years of hands on experience and knowledge to every engine he puts his hands on. With very careful attention to detail and being such a perfectionist, our quality control is second to none.

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Why choose R&D ?

We offer our services at what we have found to be the most competitive prices. We encourage all our customers to shop around and explore your options before making any large investments. Unlike many machine shops that thrive on sales and profits, we choose to work with our customers to find what most suits you. This saves you money by not spending it on what may be unneccessary components for your specific build, and this is why we are truely a SPEC shop. We give everyone the oppurtunity to design their engines to perform in the exact mannor they desire, rather than selling them some old off the shelf engine that was designed and built for someone else's purpose. As the saying goes; cheap, fast, reliable, pick two! How fast do you want to spend?

How do we get started on an engine build ?

Fill out the Engine Build Request Form from the Forms link on the home page. It takes just a few minutes to complete. We will then review your submission and contact you for additional information.

If you do not have an email address or just prefer phone conversations rather than emails, send us a CALL REQUEST from the support link and we'll be more than happy to get started.

For all other inquiries, we can be contacted at

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