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FORUM RULES & Common Tuning Terms

Unread postby decipha » Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:52 am

The purpose of this forum is to SHARE knowledge. The knowledge we gain in life is only ours temporarily, its a waste to bury that knowledge with us in the grave. So I encourage all to help others so they can help more by sharing the knowledge we've all gained so we can be a better informed community. Which goes without saying, this is a completely unbiased forum, everyone is free to express their experiences good or bad in the Reviews, Compliments & Complaints forum.

Instead of having your vehicle details in your signature, there is a specific location for your details in your profile, that way they show up on the right side of your posts and it doesn't clutter up the thread.


>> Do not use native "built-in" emoticons on your mobile phone as trying to submit them the sql server will render an error as it tries to convert a pictorial into text which it cant and fails. Use the emoticons provided on the right

>> Do not quote the post directly above you as it just clutters up the thread and is useless as well as ignorant.

>> Do what you want, say as you will, post all you want, boobies are nice, car porn is cool too, basically there are no rules or limitations we're all adults here free to do as we all please

However, belittling or insulting some one will not be tolerated, thats the only real rule
This also applies to insulting yourself, such remarks as "I'm soo stupid", "I'm a dumb ass", etc.. is highly discouraged

Do not hesitate to correct any misinformation or unclear ideas, its hard enough getting solid accurate information with all the mixed opinions on various topics, but if you find any information on the forum that is simply wrong or not completely stated, speak up so it can be resolved or even reworded to be accurate, this will help everyone out. I have posted misguided information many times, if something doesn't sound right ask questions, it will help everyone out. A simple typo such as leaving the "t" off of cant can cause some serious confusion. Which leads me to the next thought.

Do not hesitate to post questions or reply with your answer, any question asked when the answer is unknown is a good question regardless of how minuscule or insignificant it may seem. And any reply to a question that you believe to be the correct answer will suffice. If your answer is blatantly wrong, it will be edited to be correct so don't hesitate to give advice, you needn't worry about giving wrong info and no one will know if you have. This forum's primary objective is to share knowledge no one cares where the knowledge came from so log as its accurate.

For diagnostic posts, when giving an OBD code number be sure to INCLUDE the code meaning,
otherwise we have no idea what the codes are for, the likelihood of some one going to look up the code meaning cuz you were too lazy to include them just makes you look ignorant. Most likely if you have a code you've looked it up to see what its for, post the damn meaning so you don't make yourself look ignorant. And with all diagnostic posts, the more details you include the better.

OBD-I codes

OBD-II codes can be looked up HERE

the only files types allowed to be uploaded are photos and the following:
.adx, .beb, .bin, .cal, .ccf, .mtf, .tune, .xdf, .zip

All other file types are prohibited, if one needs to be added contact me. The limit for calibration files are 2mb, so if your .beb file won't upload its because you didn't clear the change log, in BE go to customer info and clear the log then save the file and upload it

.csv (datalogs) are forbidden since zipping them reduces their file size significantly
.xls (definition files) are forbidden since zipping them will reduce their file size a great deal as well

just remember to zip all LOG files before posting and you'll be legit,
this excludes tunerpro data files as they are already compressed
you can also PM files to other members if you want to keep things private

if you have a video upload it to youtube or the like and post the link
(no need in the extra bandwidth strain on my server, id like to keep my server quick)

use this format for all for sale threads

Reason for selling:

then give your commentary and lastly, post pictures, all for sale items need at least 3 pics

after the item has been sold be sure to edit your original post and put SOLD in the title

«««« Common Tuning Terms »»»»
AFR - air fuel ratio, usually referred to as the wideband reading
CCD - computer controlled dwell on 94+ ignitions
EDIS - electronic distributorless ignition, uses a 35 tooth reluctor
IAC - idle air control valve on the throttle body
ISC - henrys engineering name for the IAC valve
KAMRF - keep alive memory fuel correction same as LTFT
LAMBDA - same as AFR except no conversion 1.000 = stoich
LAMBSE - the AFR / Lambda the ecu is commanding same as STFT
LTFT - long term fuel trim same as KAMRF
RATCH - closed throttle tps voltage
SPOUT - spark output plug near the distributor
STFT - short term fuel trim same as LAMBSE
TFT - trans fluid temp same as TOT
TOT - trans oil temp same as TFT
TPS - throttle position sensor

more terms and PIDs can be referenced in the payloads write up on the homepage
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