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Vehicle Information:
2001 Ford Mustang 3.8L 5 speed

Ford Fixes:
IAC restrictor using custom gasket
Short shifter modified to extend farther out for my long arms.
Custom intake - Used 6inch K&N filter and 3" tubing to fit were old intake was. Still need a heat blocker
Relocated battery - rear right end of car. Believe it or not the difference is noticeable. Handling got a little bit more direct on corners.

Delta Force Command ECU tuning

The basics:
Rev limiter - +200RPM
Speed limiter - disabled
Traction Control Switch - off
Dashpot decay (IAC) - faster decay to lower RPMs quicker for next shift
Chip Key Disabled - switched off PATS so that I don't have to spend outrageous amounts on a single key.
Running 91 octane - adjusted timing based on 91 tune provided by Delta Force. More degrees!
Air Fuel map - target Air/Fuel Ratio for ~14.1 to accommodate the fact that most fuels are E10 now. WOT to be ~12.4 with good blending in between ratios.
Startup RPM - raised up 200RPM for 90 seconds for the winter
Idle RPM - changed to 750RPM from the 725RPM stock.
Adaptive fuel control disabled - getting rid of those LTFT adjustments for tuning
And much more..

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